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Shenjiang Group Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 in Ningbo, and its predecessor can be traced back to 1984. Looking back on the glorious journey of more than 30 years, the chairman of the board, Mr. Zhu Yunhao, sizes up the situation, takes a long-range approach, dares to pioneer and innovate, leads us to seize the opportunity of development and achieve new leaps one after another with his perseverance and courageous and resolute boldness. 

In 2019

Ningbo CAS Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established to engage in industrial CT and environmental testing services. 

Ningbo Xuchen Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established to engage in the precision manufacturing and processing of aluminum alloy products; 

In 2018

In 2014

Ningbo Naxus Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd was established to engage in the production of recreational vehicles and special vehicles; 

Shenjiang Universal Data Information Co., Ltd was established to engage in archive software development, archive storage, digitization and extension services, and smart library services; 

In 2011

In 2010

Ningbo Xinwanbao Financial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established to engage in the production of file storage racks and financial storage equipment; 

Ningbo Shenjiang Group Co., Ltd was formally established to implement the group's strategic management and control model, and determined the development ideas and goals of the "private technology-based multi-industry group". 

In August 2006

In 2005

it acquired Ningbo Jijiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

hanghai Jianshe Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was established. 

In 2004

In 2003

the Company began to implement a diversified development strategy, and established Ningbo Shenjiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and invested in Yinzhou Bank. 

the two major high-tech industries were separated from the traditional industries, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences was absorbed into the shares to jointly initiate the establishment of Ningbo Shenjiang SCI-TEC Limited-liability Company; 

In 2002

At the end of 1998

the Company began its transformation and development through successively introduction of the "vacuum brazing technology" and "hydrogen storage alloy materials" projects. 

corresponding to the restructuring tide of township collective enterprises, the Company was successfully restructured and Ningbo Shenjiang Industrial Co., Ltd was formally established, namely, the predecessor of Ningbo Shenjiang Group Co., Ltd. Since then, it has made a gorgeous change and stepped on the track of rapid development. 

In 1996

In 1993

Ningbo Yongsheng Rolling-Element Joint Venture was established to implement roller and roller pin technology transformation projects, which achieved good economic benefits and realized the primitive accumulation of capital. 

Nantou Wire Drawing Factory was founded in 1984, which mainly produces GCr15 bearing steel wire and stainless-steel wire. 

In 1984

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Copyright © 2020 Ningbo Shenjiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.  浙ICP备2020036250号   浙公网安备33021202001941号