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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech

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Shenjiang Group Co., Ltd was originally started as a metal wire drawing workshop in 1984, and was restructured as a township collective enterprise in 1996, and then formally formed as a holding group in 2008. After trials and hardships, it has developed into a technology-based multi-industry group company. In addition to the hardships, it still receives the strong support from all walks of society and the silent dedication of all Shenjiang people!

Facing new opportunities and challenges, we will adhere to the concept of "moderate diversity, innovative development ", focus on "enhance quality internally and shape image externally", and implement the "six major strategies", namely, talent strategy, brand strategy, and market strategy, science and technology strategy, capital strategy, and management strategy; improve the "three major mechanisms", namely scientific decision-making mechanism, whole-staff incentive mechanism, and quality benefit mechanism; enhance the "four major capabilities", namely independent innovation capability, cost control capability, and resource integration ability, information operation capability. We will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "harmonious innovation; outdo ourselves,, unite and strive to create the future", and ensure the smooth realization of the Company's strategic goals by means of the Shenjiang style of "realistic and pragmatic,efficient and excellent".

Standing at the new starting point, we need the support from all walks of society as always! I will work with all the staff to live it to the fullest, forge ahead, brave all hardships for the victory tomorrow!



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Copyright © 2020 Ningbo Shenjiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.  浙ICP备2020036250号   浙公网安备33021202001941号