Talent Concept

We take character as the priority, choose the best talents, employ the capable ones, and replace the average ones 

  • Character first: Shenjiang takes character as the essence of talent, which is the first step for Shenjiang's consideration of talents.
  • Only talented is employed: Shenjiang only uses talents suitable for Shenjiang's development instead of the most excellent talents. Talents suitable for Shenjiang's development will be trained, and the employee training system and career development channels will be improved, so that employees and the Company can grow together.
  • Replace the average ones with capable ones: The employing attitude of "replace the average ones with capable ones" shall be implemented, whether it is a managerial position, an ordinary position or a technical position.


Employment principle 

  • External introduction: Under the unified planning and management of the Company, the Company continues to introduce middle and senior management talents to inject fresh blood.
  • Internal training: Professional and management talents shall be comprehensively cultivated, to establish talent echelons. The construction of internal management team and the training of internal grassroots cadres are attached importance to, fully mobilize and utilize the Company's internal training resources through open recruitment and fair selection. While organizing various professional trainings, we provide all-round skill and quality training for employees at different levels and stages, including every development stage of managers, old employees, and newcomers.



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Copyright © 2020 Ningbo Shenjiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.  浙ICP备2020036250号   浙公网安备33021202001941号