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Shenjiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. was restructured from a township collective enterprise. After more than 30 years of trials and hardships, it has realized the industrial upgrade from the original traditional manufacturing industry to the diversified high-tech industry, and has become a private technology-based diversified industry group company.

The Group was formally established in 2006. Currently, its subsidiaries include Shenjiang Technology, Shenjiang Universal (stock code 834105), Shenjiang Real Estate, Xinwanbao Finance, Naxus, Xuchen Precision and other holding companies, and holds shares in CAS testing, Yinzhou Bank etc. Its industry involved: I. High-tech manufacturing with new materials, auto parts, fuel cells, RVs, special vehicles, financial bins, and precision manufacturing as the core; II. Modern service industry with software development, file data information management, environmental testing, physical and chemical analysis as the core, it has formed a parallel development pattern of "dual headquarter bases" centered on Ningbo and Beijing.

The Group has 4 high-tech enterprises, 1 provincial engineering technology center, 1 provincial postdoctoral workstation, and 1 joint laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; it has the national second-level safety production qualification, the military industry third-level confidentiality qualification, and the military product producing unit qualification, national archives designated management enterprise and other qualifications; successively established long-term industry-research cooperation and joint venture relationships with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Ordnance Science Research Institute, and the China Academy Of Engineering Physics.

In the future, under the leadership of Chairman Zhu Yunhao, Shenjiang Group Co., Ltd will focus on high-tech manufacturing and modern service industries, adhere to the strategic policy of "Layout beforehand, moderate diversity, stable development", and is committed to building Shenjiang Group Co., Ltd into a well-known multi-industry group at home and abroad!



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Copyright © 2020 Ningbo Shenjiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.  浙ICP备2020036250号   浙公网安备33021202001941号